About Konquerscoin

About Konquerscoin

Konquerscoin is a legally operating company in France (#11309196). We were one of the first to invest in cryptocurrencies. Konquerscoin is a leading blockchain investment company.

Our mission is to act as a catalyst for universal adoption and blockchain innovation. We focus only on investing in blockchain technologies. Our team has experience in both traditional financing and emerging blockchain technology. We invest, among others, in cryptocurrencies such as BTC, XRP, ETC, and ETH. We also give a chance to new, dynamically developing ICO projects that bring huge profits in an amazingly short time.

Our team consists only of qualified people connected with the financial industry for years, who are also passionate about the fledgling but very strong cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology. They constantly monitor the market to provide you - our investors with even greater profits. Having strong relationships with the most promising entrepreneurs and other leading investors in the industry, Konquerscoin implements an investment strategy, building a diversified portfolio and adjusting the added value to its portfolio companies.

Konquerscoin using advanced investment techniques, such as financial leverage, guarantees huge profits even at the currently fluctuating rate of cryptocurrencies. When starting cooperation with us you have a 100% guarantee that you will not lose your funds, but you can only gain. Over the next few years, we will imagine blockchains and digital currencies with an established, responsibly managed and regulated role in the global economy, shortly after the elimination of innumerable industries.

Our financial team also includes specialists who are experts in evaluating new private businesses called start-ups which have most chances to grow into large-scale and highly profitable enterprises. The idea is very simple: every business needs starting capital to go through bureaucratic formalities, rent premises, purchase equipment and other assets, hire employees and so on. As a rule, start-ups don’t have sufficient funds to afford everything they need for effective activity. Banks are quite prudent to “newbies”, so it is often very difficult to borrow as much as necessary from banks.

PRELIMINARY TRADES investment platform intends to stay in business for a long time and do its best to ensure high revenue on investor’s deposits. The more money we collect, the higher the return. That's why PRELIMINARY TRADES investment platform had started attracting small investments starting from only $30. Our experts had examined and analyzed the relevant investment markets and developed a highly efficient trading strategy. Investors can choose from a variety of investment packages to invest their funds for different periods of time and receive the best revenue at low risks. Please find more information on investment terms in your personal account.

In addition to favorable investment proposal we also offer fair and transparent conditions of the affiliate program. You have the opportunity to start a business of your own and earn additional money by just sharing the word of our Company and demonstrating its potential to others. Our referral rewards program offers earning 3% from deposits made by your referrals.

PRELIMINARY TRADES investment platform is a safe place to keep and increase your money.

Our Office Overview

  • George Aguilar

    Chief Executive Officer

    George is the general manager who founded the company in 2015. In addition to more than 25 years of experience in corporate finance, George also acts as a financial director in one of the companies cooperating with Konquerscoin dealing in the development of blockchain technology. His experience includes many market sectors, but in particular he conducts transactions on cryptocurrency markets. In his spare time, George enjoys playing golf, climbing, playing in the theater and eating.

  • David Jenkins

    Chief Security Officer

    David is the head of our IT Security department. He has over 20 years of experience and regularly provides IT consultancy to clients in both KYC and ALM. He graduated with honors from the MiT university and worked as the head of the security department in the largest international corporations. David is an avid long-distance runner and a longtime Manchester United supporter.

  • Joshua Vincent

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Joshua is the head of marketing at Konquerscoin. He started his professional career at HSBC Bank in Great Britain. He supports our company with rich experience and knowledge in the field of economics and management. Outside of work, Joshua plays football and has a lot of interest in Darts and Motorsport.

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